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Share your vision on a virtual luggage label

Bijgewerkt op: 19 sep. 2020

Out of the box at the start of the exhibition Raw Materials
Out of the box day 1

The installation Out of the Box was originally designed for the exhibition RAW MATERIALS (jan 8 - march 24, 2019) to capture visitors associations and memories with the all the presented art and fragrances.

Besides the olfactory artworks I also provided special wooden boxes with touchable materials (art details) and the same scents as used in the artworks, to provide access for the blind and visual impaired.

The installation Out of the box consists out of the olfactory artwork 'Been there - Dejá Vù' and vintage suitcases; stacked high and lashed with tires on an antique elephant carrier.

out of the box day 30

Visitors could leave a luggage label with their associations on the presented artworks and fragrances and attach them at the suitcases and straps. Thus making this an organic, living artwork; as it ‘grew’ during the exhibition.

At the end of the exhibition I collected at about 250 comments of various scent perceptions, experiences, memories. And surprising (or not); some of the where really alike and universal :)

So now you are here, visitor of my first virtual Olfactory ART tour ever:


How lovely it would be if, after you have been looking at the art works, sniffing the scents..(kindly provided via Botanica 2020)and hearing the olfactory stories,(maybe done a meditation) you would participate in this 'Out of the box' experiment!

As visitor of this virtual Botanica exhibition

you are challenged to share your associations

with the fragrances you have been smelling

in the olfactory ART tour RAW MATERIALS

Just create a virtual ‘luggage label’ by leaving your personal 'Smell-o-gram' in the comment section below. If you don't want to login: just send me an email and I will add your smell-o-gram label for you! Let's see if we share same thoughts, emotions and perhaps some collective memories!

The full list of the artworks and used fragrances you can find HERE.

Haven't been to the exhibition yet? ENTER HERE


Cedar Tree Heritages| Sauna bath (2) | Furniture wax (3) |My fathers Sunday cigars | Christmas

Ode to Siebold | Sea memories - North sea beach (5) | Japanese Fish market after closing time | Horse poop | Old shoes

Pilgrim animals | Walking in the forest (2) |Sauna |the Provence

Chrisje | Campfire (4)| Forest fire (3) |Thread and destruction |Tar (boats)

Gesundheid | Sauna bath (6) |Having a cold (2) |Type of candy my father used to eat |Migraine (steam bath helping me out |Hiding body odor with perfume

My Forest Gaia | Forest memories (4) |My first day of school | Holiday in Denmark, picking blueberries |Sauna bath |Christmas

Tree heritages Pathway | Carpentry shop (3) |My baby cot |Meditation

Out of the box -Déja Vù | Granny (3)| My Mothers bedside table with aroma lamp

If you are interested in the full documented and elaborated associations that where obtained during the exhibition RAW MATERIALS 2019, please contact me for more information.

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